Vesterelva's Prosit


Date of birth: 03.09.2015

Gender: Male

Breeder: Vesterelva & Viddashusky

Races: Gold Rush Run 2018 (2x45 km) - 21st place

Describtion: Prosit is the chatterbox. He has always been very talkative and tells so many stories all the time. As a puppy he used to be very close to humans and never stopped looking at us on puppies walk. He was always the first to find us while playing hide-and-seek and was very receptive to commands. Prosit has a nice personality and temperament, both with humans and with other dogs, even he is a bit crazy and can almost not wait before we are starting out with the team. He is running in lead or in point as he has a strong connection to us. He was focused already in very young age, and is still very focused. He completed Gold Rush Run in 2018.