Tanana av Viddashusky


Gender: Female

Weight: 21 kg

Breeder: Vesterelva & Viddashusky


Finnmarksløpet 1000 2016 - Karasjok

Gold Rush Run (2 x 75 km) 2016 - 7th place

Bergebyløpet 650 2017 - Nyborg II

Finnmarksløpet 1000 2017 - Tana

Gold Rush Run (260 km) - 3rd place


Describtion: Tanana was a race-rookie when she was 18 months old, and surprised us when she did the race from start to finish in an excellent way. She is one of those dogs with not so much focus in the beginning when she was harness broken, and she needed some time to gain focus. During the races in 2017, she was also running in lead parts of the races, and she was just getting better and better. Tanana is also well-known as the tango dancer in the team; she has a funny habit of standing on her back legs and dancing around when you bring her food. She has a nice personality, and is a veeeery friendly dog.

  • Vesterelva & Viddashusky

E-mail: post@vesterelva.com


Vesterelva & Viddashusky

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