Puppy walks


Ever dreamed of having a bunch of adorable Siberian husky puppies follow you on a relaxing, breathtaking Arctic walk?

Well dream no more, we can make this once in a life time dream happen..

We will introduce you to the puppies, before setting out on an enjoyable hike through the Arctic wilderness. We will take a break at the river, where we can enjoy a drink and snack, whilst watching the puppies play. 

Duration: Approximately 2 hours

Availability: 20.09.18 - 31.10.18       


Everyday from 11:00am -12:00pm

                    18:00pm - 19:00pm

​Arrival times can be discussed. 

Price: 900 NOK per adult.

        450 NOK per child.

Depending on the weather, this could either be a dry trip or very muddy. Please wear suitable clothing for this trip. The dogs are very enthusiastic and are likely to jump up for a cuddle, when you are standing near them, so waterproof and dog friendly clothing is ideal.

- Good hiking shoes are required. 

- Transport is not included.

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