Kuling av Viddashusky


Date of birth: 24.05.2015

Gender: Male

Breeder: Vesterelva & Viddashusky


Bergebyløpet 650 2017 - Nyborg 2

Finnmarksløpet 1000 2017 - Tana

Gold Rush Run 2017 (260 km) - 3rd place

Gold Rush Run 2018 (2x80 km) - 13th place

Describtion: Kuling is the jumper. Just before starting out with the team, you can see him flying above the team as he can not wait to start running. Kuling has showed us good focus and strength as a rookie during the races in 2017, and was one of the better dogs in the team. He has developed great leader skills as well.

  • Vesterelva & Viddashusky

E-mail: post@vesterelva.com


Vesterelva & Viddashusky

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