Kelly av Viddashusky


Date of birth: 07.08.2014

Gender: Female

Breeder: Vesterelva & Viddashusky

Sponsor: Sanna Haugen


Gold Rush Run 2018 (2x85 km) - 13th place

Bergebyløpet 650 2017 - Nyborg 2

Finnmarksløpet 1000 2017 - Tana

Gold Rush Run 2017 (260 km) - 3rd place

Gold Rush Run 2016 - 7th place

Describtion: "Come on let's go! Why did we stop?" Kelly always wants to go. She is giving a lot of herself in training and can share her enthusiasm with the other dogs as well as with the musher. She is a balanced dog, has focus, speed and will to go. She is funny, really, like your good old friend who always know how to make you laugh.

  • Vesterelva & Viddashusky



Vesterelva & Viddashusky

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