Hiking with huskies


Enjoy the tranquility of the silent Arctic landscape with a friendly Siberian husky! First we will introduce you to the huskies and prepare you for a long hike through the beautiful landscape that surrounds us. We will pair you with a husky to suit your experience, whether you want a relaxed walk with a retiree or a fast paced walk with a young enthusiastic puppy! You will learn how to harness a sled dog and also learn some commands. Then we will attach you to your new husky friend with a Cani cross waist belt and an elastic leash. Once you’re hooked up, the work out will begin! 

We can organize the experience to suit your needs. If you book between now and July 25th, it is possible to arrange a hiking trip to experience the spectacular midnight sun. The phenomenon occurs because the sun never sets below the horizon at it’s lowest position during a day. And because the sun never sets, the daylight never goes away. We will hike to a view point, where we can relax with a drink and snack and enjoy the red, orange and yellow colours draping the landscape.


Duration: Approximately 2 hours. 

Availability: 15.06.18 - 15.09.18      

Arrival times can be discussed. 

Everyday from 11:00am -13:00pm

                    18:00pm - 20:00pm

Price: 900 NOK per person.

Depending on the weather, this could either be a dry trip or very muddy. Please wear suitable clothing for this trip. The dogs are very enthusiastic and are likely to jump up for a cuddle, when you are standing near them, so waterproof and dog friendly clothing is ideal.

- Good hiking shoes are required.

- Transport is not included.

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