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The snow may have melted, but our dogs are always eager to run! If the temperatures are cool enough, we offer a mini mushing school, where you can learn all about dog mushing and get involved with our summer and Autumn training.

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by some very excited dogs!

You will learn how to put harnesses on the dogs, learn where to correctly place them in team, and also learn some commands to give to the dogs during your trip! We drive across gravel roads with views of the beautiful terrain surrounding our home. When we arrive back at the dog yard, we will unharness the dogs and give them some much deserved rest and treats. Feel free to take photographs of your new friends and give them some extra cuddles, otherwise we can enjoy a hot drink and a snack and answer any questions you may have.


We can organize the experience to suit your needs.


Duration: Approximately 2 hours. 

Availability: 24.06.18 - 12.07.18       

                06.08.18 - 01.09.18

Everyday from 7pm - 9pm

Price: 1450 NOK per person.

Depending on the weather, this could either be a dry trip or very muddy. Please wear suitable clothing for this trip. The dogs are very enthusiastic and are likely to jump up for a cuddle, when you are standing near them, so waterproof and dog friendly clothing is ideal.


Transport is not included.

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