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Date of birth: 06.09.2010
Breeder: Vesterelva & Viddas Husky
The strength. Boss is a big dog of an incredible strength, that is always very happy to go training and don't hesitate to show his eagerness. He gave himself one simple task: running strong and long and he fullfils it perfectly. Also with the years, he learned how to save energy and will never leave even a drop of his favorite fish soup.
Alta 2-dagers - 8th place
Bergebyløpet 650 - 6th place
Tobacco Trail - 4th place 
Tobacco Trail 8th place
Finnmarksløpet 1000 km - Levajok II
Tobacco Trail 2013 - 13th place
Finnmarksløpet 1000km- Neiden II
Pasvik Trail - 20th place

Sponsored by:

Rune Jørgensen

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