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Kidd's Thunder Baby

Date of birth: 02.12.2012

Sex: Female

Breeder: Randy Kidd

Color: Blue merle/white/tan

Registry: NKK

Tail: Docked

Show RecordsSKK MH: 1′ shooting


Describtion: Baby is a really social dog who loves everyone, and she is really nice with both new people and dogs. She is also very easy to handle with a lots of "willing to please". She has a lot of energy and loves to run around with the huskies, and the only "negative" thing is that she starts herding them and barks a lot during her "herding time" with the huskies. She is also awake and focused, but does not show any guarding instincts at all (which might be very typical for aussies). She is a small sized female, but for us she is the perfect size! :) 


Baby has very good herding instincts, which she has showed during different herding camps we have particpated in. She is intensive, but has a very good "stop buttom". We have trained her with both sheep and reindeer. 


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